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OME can arrange accommodation for students in local private homes for an arrangement fee of £25.

Families who provide accommodation for OME are within walking distance of OME, or a short bus or tube ride away. Usually one or two students stay with each family and the price is from approximately £100 per week for a room without meals. You must pay your rent at least one week in advance. When you wish to leave you must tell your family one week in advance.

You will have your own bedroom with space to study, and share the kitchen, washing machine, and bathroom with the family. You should buy your own food and cook your own meals or eat out, unless you request that the family provide meals and pay extra for this service.


Lodging in a private home
Points to take into consideration when living with a family:

  • It enables you to develop your English through speaking with the family
  • You will gain an understanding of living in England and of English culture
  • You are not responsible for any bills except the weekly payment to the family
  • Remember you are living in someone’s home.  Treat your family with respect, be tidy in shared parts of the house, and tell them if you’re going to be out late.  If you wish to have visitors, then ask your family first. 


Renting a bed sit or room in a flat
Students who are familiar with the UK sometimes prefer to live with friends in flats or houses.  If you rent directly from a landlord or agency you may find it harder to manage on your own, especially if you are new to England.

Points to take into consideration when renting from a landlord:

  • You have to sign an agreement, which is legally binding. 
  • You will have to pay a deposit to the landlord and be responsible for bills and expenses as well as rent –this may cost more than staying with a family. 
  • It may be lonely unless you share with someone who is friendly and has time to speak to you and give help and advice.
  • You may have fewer opportunities to develop your English and to learn about English culture, especially if you are not sharing with English people.
  • You will probably have more independence and be able to have visitors when you wish.


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